Onico Licorice White

Onico Licorice White

Onico Licorice White- nicotine FREE white portion snus with a tobacco-like taste with distinct notes of salty licorice root, along with hints of dried figs, served in regular portions.

Nicotine 0mg/g

Net Weight (g) 40

Ingredients: water, plant fibers, humectants (glycerin, propylene glycol), salt, preservative (sodium lactate), natural and artificial flavors, pH adjusters (magnesium carbonate, sodium carbonate), ammonium chloride, caramel color.

Onico is a nicotine and TOBACCO FREE snus for those who want to cut down on snus or stop snus habit completely. The snus has a very authentic taste and is available as original, peppermint and licorice flavors. Onico prescription was developed in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg's dental school, to avoid damage to teeth and minimize health risks. Suitable for those who want to use snus during pregnancy or during breastfeeding.

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