ON! Citrus 3

ON! Citrus 3

ON! Citrus 3- a slim all white portion with a taste of citrus with 3mg of nicotine!

Nicotine 3mg/g

Net Weight (g) 6.4

ON! - tobacco- Free nicotine pouches are available in the flavors like licorice, mint and citrus as well as nicotine levels 3 and 6 mg / serving. The portions are discreet and dry which gives a long lasting taste, quick nicotine release and minimal flushing. The brains behind ON! nicotine pouches also manufactures Al Capone - that's why you recognize the stylish, square and stylish boxes.

We offer wide range of Råå S nicotine pouches products at www.TheRoyalSnus.eu. Also feel free to check out other nicotine pouches brands from smokeless tobacco world what you havn't tried yet from our selection.

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